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Images of Power

Nikki And Paulina

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​​Enjoy the read and then watch their Wedding Highlight below!

Name: Nikki Kelly

Name: Paulina Cuadrado

Wedding Date: 03.17.2018

Location: Mint Museum Uptown Charlotte, NC


It is impossible to come up with just one word that describes Nikki and Paulina's special day! These two ladies had the most posh, beautiful ceremony and most of all it was extremely memorable and fun! I mean, it was at the Mint Museum Uptown. THE MINT! And most of all it was St. Patrick's day weekend so they had a wonderful crowd cheering them on. I mean, they were there for other events also I GUESS, but I just saw it as Nikki and Paulina's audience and entourage for the day. It was obvious that they had developed a deep friendship and bond which only enhanced their true love of one another. Their wedding day was a reflection of their everlasting love and they were only getting started!


Meeting them both was such an honor. We tend to see if any of our brides are initially nervous just to make sure that we are as calming and cautious as possible. I promise, neither one of these beauties seemed nervous or jittery at all! They were ready to become one as partners in life and wonderful wives to one other. When we arrived at the Mint Museum, the ceremony space was an unfinished industrial blank beautiful canvas with a classy and fancy ambiance. Simply Unique's decor team along with April's Floral Expressions were setting up the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception spaces which were all in the same large and beautiful area which would soon be separated by gorgeous white drapery. Nikki and Paulina were in different rooms and on separate floors getting ready. One of the most beautiful and unique additions to their wedding day is that they decided to do a first touch and a reading of letters. A first touch is usually when the married couple decides to have a wonderful private moment where they do not actually see one another but they do get to hear one another's voices prior to the ceremony. Nikki and Paulina decided also to write one another letters to silently read right before they parted ways to get ready for their nuptials. Those few intimate moments on the balcony of the beautiful museum made for such a wonderful and unique time for them both to cherish forever through photos and a video.


Now it is time! The ceremony space was now transformed into the most beautiful paradise of love! The anticipation of the guest and Nikki was apparent and touching. The moment that Paulina walked down the aisle to her love was so magical! Friends and family watched the two of them share their pre-written vows of love to one another at the altar. The tears in their eyes was amazing and we could honestly see how much they loved one another most at that particular moment. Their seven prior years together as friends and as partners had now prepared them both for the moment that they were now standing in!


After the ceremony, the cocktail hour and reception were both fun filled and inviting to the guests. The food was amazing and can we talk about that CAKE??! It was gorgeously sitting atop a swing hanging from the ceiling by the window. When it was time for their entrance and for them to enjoy their seated guests, seeing them both sitting together at their sweetheart table gave me chills. They were so happy and the love was felt throughout the room as their wonderful and supportive friends and family spoke lovingly towards them and showed their love to these beautiful brides. The guests danced the night away to the amazing dj and it was a fun and wonderful atmosphere of just celebration and good times that lasted throughout the night!


We wanted to check in with the lovely couple after their “I do’s” to review their thoughts of that special day and to see how much fun they were still having together. Also check out their sneak peek video below.


1. How did you two first meet?


Both:  Paulina sent me a friend request online and we found out we had some mutual friends. After sending a few messages back and fourth we exchanged phone numbers and had a connection very quickly. We decided to meet up at an outing that some of our friends were attending and from there, our relationship began to develop.


2. How did you know that they were "the one"?  


Nikki: Not only did I fall in love with her, but my friends loved her, my family loved her, and it was the same for me with her family and friends.  We could talk about anything with each other, and could take on any challenge or adventure together.  She's always been supportive of me whether I was doing well or going through a difficult time. 

Paulina: I woke up one day - and couldn't remember life before her. I couldn't remember me before her. I was changed. She had helped me become the person I'd always wanted to be. Together we were better and stronger. 



3. What was your most memorable experience with your wedding day? 


Nikki: Our first dance.  Paulina was so nervous about it and wanted to hire a choreographer.  We didn't hire one and the dance went great.  We had fun and just enjoyed ourselves and it was so perfect.  

Paulina: After the ceremony she spun me around, and hugged and kissed me. It felt so surreal and exciting. We laughed and talked excitedly. It was out first (of many) pure bliss moment after getting married!



4. When you first saw your spouse on your wedding day, what were your thoughts? 


Nikki: Wow! Why does she look like she's glowing? She looks so... golden and perfect.  

Paulina: Her reaction to me was breathtaking. She never cries - and it takes a lot to get her really excited. I saw both at that moment. I will forever cherish that feeling of seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day! And WOW DID SHE LOOK GOOD 😉 



5.What is your advice to other engaged couples regarding wedding planning? 


Nikki: A great wedding planner with preferred vendors makes all the difference. It's so easy to relax when you trust the opinions and judgement of the people responsible for bringing it all together.  

Paulina: Like Nikki said - hire a planner with lots of connections and preferred vendors. Made the planning process nothing but FUN! And I felt everything was in amazing and capable hands on the day of the wedding. 



6. What was your biggest or most unexpected challenge of the day? 


Nikki: Finding transportation to leave the wedding.  We had a vintage 1939 Chevy Deluxe hired for the send off.  Ten minutes into the reception, my best woman informs me that the collector is having an issue with the car.  Luckily our planner was on top of it and we had a stretch limo as a replacement right away.  

Paulina: Getting married on St. Patricks Day in Uptown CLT meant road closures and LOTS of traffic. It was hard for vendors and guests to get to the venue. But I really didn't have to deal with it at all... easy breezy on my end. 



7. What have you learned about your significant other since your wedding day? 


Nikki: She's a wonderful wife.  She does so much to make our house a home now and I didn't know there was more that she could give to the relationship. 

Paulina: A little goes a long way... which I knew before. But was reminded of now that we're married. And that she trusts and relies on me as a partner. 



8. What do you love the most about your wife? 


Nikki: Her genuine loyalty to family and her smile. Although we've been together for almost 8 years now, she still laughs and blushes as if we were on a first date. That reaction shows me everyday how much she loves me. 

Paulina: She makes me laugh and supports me in every way.  Every day with her is a new adventure!


The Wedding Team

Videographer: Images of Power

Photographer: Bryce Lafoon Photography

Planner: The Silk Veil Events by Ivy

Florist: April’s Floral Expressions

Décor: Simply Unique

DJ: DJ Krazy T

Want to see their whole day? 

... well contact them and ask them for their wedding website.  🙂

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