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The Four Seasons



It is finally fall! Listen…fall is the most wonderful time of the year (after Christmas, of course). The wonderful crisp air, the frost on the windshield in the morning, the randomness of pumpkin flavored everything, the confusion of wearing a jacket in the morning because it is cold and then sweating your behind off by noon because it is 90 degrees. You know…the usual autumn in the Carolinas!

Fall is one of my absolute favorite seasons. It made the most sense for our own wedding to be in the fall of course! Even though there are so many perks to getting married during this time of the year, there are also some downfalls that come with the season as well. Honestly, there are pros and cons to all four seasons so how do you decide your wedding date? Do you base it off of your parent’s anniversary? Should it be centered around the day that you both met four years prior? There are so many options to choose from.

One of the most important things to remember is that the decision is yours and your partners. Of course there will be input from others but do not concern yourselves with the convenience of each wedding guest. It is impossible for everyone to be able to attend your nuptials and there is always a road block that will prevent some from attending. Be at peace with your decision and stick to your guns!

When considering your wedding date, make sure to take into account the weather conditions of your area, the holiday season, and your budget. Narrowing down your choices to a few dates is definitely a start. If looking at 365 dates is too much to tackle, pick a season to start with and go from there. Also, no one is judging you for waiting to set your wedding date! Picking a date right after your engagement is not required. When someone asks for your wedding date prior to it being set, your standard answer can always be “We’re still relishing in the glow of our engagement so we’re taking the time and checking out our options”.

Check out the list of pros and cons of each season. There are always mini surprises to each season so choose wisely!

Winter-The season that gets the least amount of love! Poor winter. Once the holidays are over, we are ready to leave the snow and black Friday sales behind!       

Pro: A winter white wedding! Imagine the beautiful pictures and elegant video footage that you will be able to cherish for years to come. Depending on your geographical location, there may be some beautiful snow involved which makes it even more amazing. Imagine a hot chocolate bar near your appetizer station. Imagine monogrammed warm flannel blankets that your guests can pick up as a wedding favor at the entrance of your reception hall. Also, being that winter is a less desirable month amongst many couples; some venues have lower prices during the winter so the money you will save is going to be amazing.

Con: Winter weather is extremely fickle. If you have any out of town guests that may be flying in, a winter storm could halt all plans with no warning. Winter also may limit your ceremony to only being indoors. It is also heavy with family gathering times with holiday times. Be mindful that many guests may not be able to make your winter wonderland themed wedding if your date is around

Spring- The season that gets all the flower blooms and excitement of the warmer weather possibilities.

Pro: The trees are finally starting to come alive again! Nothing beats the cherry blossoms blooming in the spring. The spring gets all guests excited about stepping out of hibernation from the weather. This means more guests are welcome to come to your outdoor ceremony. Also, spring is a wonderful mix of warmer days and cooler nights. Your guests are sure to love witnessing your nuptials during this time of the year.

Con: The saying that April showers brings May flowers may ring true depending on your regional weather. Preparing for a few more weather storms and also being mindful of allergy season may be a reality if you are choosing to have a park ceremony.

Summer- This is the time of the year that has such a wide variety of venue choices. Summer will spoil you mentally if you decide to have a wedding in this popular season. The opportunities are endless!

Pro: More people love to travel during the summer so you will more than likely have more guests at your summer soiree. If you choose a destination wedding, it will definitely be ideal as many guests will love having that vacation time experience.  Also if your ceremony is in the summer, you will be able to show your beautiful shoulders in so many wonderful strapless dress choices!  

Con: If you desire to have an outdoor wedding, be mindful of the uninvited guest of the natural creature persuasion (hint mosquitoes) that may make an appearance. Be sure to ask your venue questions regarding their prevention details so that your guests will not be too uncomfortable. Also be sure to keep in mind that many venues have higher prices during the summer as it is considered one of the peak seasons.

Fall: Ok, so I saved the best for last! I will admit, I definitely favor fall as one of my favorite seasons but even this season has some thumbs down moments!

Pro: The LEAVES! That is a major win of this season. Venue choices with beautiful foliage are sure to be more popular during this time of the year. If you choose to have a rustic wedding outside with wonderful string lights, this is the perfect season for such a reception. Fall also allows a bride to experiment more with gown choices. You can choose from such varieties ranging from a beautiful full length lace gown with beautiful detailed sleeves to a wonderful high neck jumpsuit. The choices are endless.

Con: Depending on your region, hurricanes can be a major downfall of having your wedding in the fall. The path of a hurricane is so unexpected once categorized so be prepared to have a backup plan. Be sure to talk to your vendors and venue if you live in a region that is highly affected by these storm types. Also if you have out of town guests, be prepared to receive some last minute declines in case of bad weather.

Honestly, whichever season you and your partner select for your wedding date, there will be some exciting moments and also some unexpected hiccups. The entire point of the wedding is that you and your chosen one will be together for the rest of your lives throughout all four seasons. Now that’s something to toast about with apple cider and marshmallows!

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